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Kite at Rhine Triumph Cyclists at Rhine Bank Walking

I proudly present: my new Telephoto Lense.

Looking for exactly this Minolta 100-200/4.5 lense I was lucky last week: I got a used one (of course, it is from 1987 and discontinued) at a quite good price and it is like new. Really rarely used, the hood is shining like out of original package.

So we went for a walk today, walking not only the dog but also the new lense and I took a lot of photos. I am quite impressed by the quality for it was quite hazy at the river Rhine today.

I show you a collection of images all done with the new lense and most of them at focal length 200. "Seagull", "Jogger" and "Old Man" are cropped, the others are sized as out of the camera.

I hope you like them!

Old Man Seagull Rhine-Tower in the Haze Jogging

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