Night Stay in Dole

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Night Stay in Dole

After leaving Wissant (because of too much rain), we made a break in Dole, a little village south of Dijon. It lies between the River Doubs and the Rhône - Rhine - Channel, so it is crossed by many small channels and has a nice marina.
The church on top of the hill of the old town is the most prominent building there, you can see it from far away when nearing the city.

The old town is beautiful and very nice to walk in the evening. And Dole is the birth place of Louis Pasteur, so you find reminiscences of him and of his life all over the town.

This is the official tourist website of Dole: Dole Website

Church of Dole Water Reflections Around the Corner Up the Hill

Roof Mystery Old Town Alley Breakthrough in Microbiology Channel with Promenade
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If you follow the images in the order given here, you will see how it was getting darker and darker during our evening walk through the village.

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