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Playing with a Ladybird

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Yesterday I took a few closeups in the garden with my retro-lense-combination (IE Minolta 35-70/4 and a 50mm/2.0 Helios attached in retro position, see it here: Retro-Lense-Combi).
Unfortunately it seems that the aperture blades of the Minolta are oily and sticky, it doesn't close anymore when it is set to a small aperture. It was repaired and cleaned not long ago, but the hot temperature in south france seems to have swapped more oil out of hidden corners :-( So back to the guy who did this in the next days.

Anyway I liked this image and I decided to do some photoshop filter games on it.

How do you like the result?
(See the DIGITAL DARKROOM SECRET for the photo, some EBV here too but no artwork)

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Publishing date: 03.08.2007 17:35:09

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Capture Date: 01.08.2007 13:45:08
1/125 sec, f 22, 70 mm (x1.5)
ISO: 100, Flash: Fired


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